The Evolution of Our Planet’s Evolutionary Races of Color

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500,000 years ago a man and woman couple of the Sangik race living in the Badonan tribes in the northeastern part of the northwestern highlands of India began suddenly to produce a family of nineteen (19) unusually intelligent children. And the children’s skins, where exposed to sunlight, manifested a unique tendency to tum various colors.

Five of the children’s skins turned red, two turned orange, four yellow, two green, four blue (white), and two indigo (black); and as they grew older, the color of each became even more pronounced. And later, upon their mating with their fellow tribesmen, all of their respective offspring tended toward the skin color of the colored Sangik parent. It is thus these nineteen Sangik children that are the original ancestors of our planet’s six (6) evolutionary races of color.

Though the black race, some 100,000 years ago, in war stomped into extinction the orange race, there are still remnants of our ancestral green race existing through the amalgamation of the Indian people of some 350,000 years ago. And of course, our red, blue, yellow, and indigo races are still very much alive and well as of this early (2001 A.D.) 21st Century Age.

The composition of our current human race comprises an amalgamation of nine (9) races, from four different sources: the six Sangik races, Andonites, Nodites, and Adamic (detailed in the Urantia Book). But if any of these races were traced back to their original heritage, still would they all be found to have originated from this same Sangik Indian highland mother and father couple of us all!

Always remember therefore, though our abilities to implement thought may vary, the colors of our skins may differ, and the [known] heritage of our families do disappear at some distant point in time, all of us here on this planet are indeed brothers and sisters! For all our ‘colored’ races sprang from the original heritage of this same Sangik family.

Thus, no matter what your present individual disposition in life, all of us having originated from the original heritage of this same human family, not only are we spiritual brothers and sisters in God’s One Divine Family, so too are we all ‘human’ brothers and sisters as well.

Though we may appear now as individual members of a particular colored race, consciously or unconsciously engaged in the ordained by God planetary goal of becoming one human race, speaking one language, and enjoying the fruits of one world-wide religion-always know: God loves each and every one of us the same! And remember, so too must this be the evolutionary goal of you!

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