The Evolution of Our Human Race

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To the many readers who specifically may be interested in the historical development of the physical evolution our planet Urantia, may I suggest a more indepth reading of the Urantia Book itself. For this synopsis has been prepared to best acquaint the minds of those who [just] seek the evolution of our human body.

First — let it be said:  All living things and beings possess an original endowment of adaption that provides an insatiable craving for the attainment of an ever-increasing perfection of environmental adjustment, organismal adaptation, and augmented life realization. And these interminable efforts in every living plant or animal cell, in every living organism (be it material or spiritual), evidence, within all of them, the existence of an innate striving for perfection. So, in essence, so do we!

Mortal man is not an evolutionary accident! In fact, evolution is the rule of human development; and it’s for us ‘to love all’ that is the epitome of its total expression!

There is a precise system, a universal law, which determines the unfolding of the planetary life plan on the spheres of space. The universes are conducted in accordance with law and order. They are neither capricious nor whimsical. The process of evolving planetary life is orderly and controlled.

The development of higher organisms from lower groupings of life is not at all accidental. All animal types are developed from the basic patterns of the proceeding vegetable kingdom of living things. The vegetable form always preceeds the animal in the development of planetary life; being quite fully developed before the animal patterns differentiate.

However, sometimes the destruction of certain favorable lines of life plasma (carried in a selected species) does temporarily delay the evolutionary progress; requiring often ages upon ages to recoup the damage occasioned by a single superior strain of human heredity. It is thus for this reason when once the appearance of these selected and superior strains of living protoplasm is made, intelligently and jealously should we guard these highly valued superior potentials of life-far more (it is revealed) than we now do. The original life plasm of an evolutionary world must contain the full potential for all future developmental variations and for all subsequent evolutionary changes and modifications. The provision for such far reaching projects of life metamorphosis may require the appearance for many apparently useless forms of animal and vegetable life. Such by-products of planetary evolution, foreseen or unforeseen, appear upon the stage of action only to disappear, but in and through all this long process there runs the thread of the wise and intelligent species scheme. The manifold by-products of biologic evolution are all essential to the final and full function of the higher intelligent forms of life, notwithstanding that great outward disharmony may prevail from time to time in the long upward struggle of the higher creatures to effect the mastery of the lower forms of life, many of which are sometimes so antagonistic to the peace and comfort of the evolving will creatures.

The biologic unit of all material life is the protoplasmic cell — the communal association of chemical, electrical, and other basic energies. But the technique of living cell reproduction is slightly different in each local universe, and the chemical formulas differ in each local system; and no two planets are exactly alike in plant and animal endowment.

Local universe personalities called “Life Carriers” initiate planetary life. It is thus through them God’s initial ‘spark of life’ flows. They are always the living catalyzers who initiate the primordial reactions of material life. And as the instigators of the energy circuits of living material, they have great latitude in their function of initiating ‘life.’

Though the process of evolution varies greatly on different worlds, the Life Carriers do decide as concerns the endowment of plant and animal life. It is thus, through mind, they manipulate the planet’s environments (detailed in the Urantia Book) to evolve planetary life up until the emergence of human will-the ability to know and worship God — whereupon the human species of the planet becomes ‘lord of the planet.’

The story of our ancestral ascent from seaweed to the ‘lord of all earthly creation’ is one of biologic struggle and mind survival. It begins with our  primordial  ancestors  being  literally the slime and  ooze of the ocean beds in the sluggish and warm water bays and lagoons  of  the vast  shore  lines  of  the ancient inland seas-where  the Life Carriers  established  the three  independent  life  implantations  on our planet.

Urantia projects a sodium chloride pattern of life. It is thus this reason our type of protoplasm functions only in a suitable salt solution. The salty oceans of which our primitive vegetable and animal ancestry freely circulated, are today the same ocean-like salty solution that freely circulates throughout our present blood streams — literally submerging every living cell in our human bodies. This briny salt solution of a chemical liquid is thus comparable in all its essentials to the salt water of our planet that stimulated the first protoplasmic reactions of the first living cells to function here.

It was 550,000,000 years ago when Urantia evolved to that exact salt water and ‘inlet sea’ stage where our planet’s planetary life had its origin in the following three original, identical, and simultaneous marine implantations: the (central) Eurasian-African, the (eastern) Australian, and the (western) designation embracing Greenland and the Americas. The continental-land masses foreseen at the time to be separated in a later era, these three identical marine life (plasma) implantations were established by the Life Carriers to ensure that each great land mass in its warm water seas would indeed have life on it.

450,000,000 years ago occurred the actual transitions of our human species from vegetable to animal life. Inherent in our planet’s original life patterns, this metamorphosis came about gradually as it took place in the shallow waters of the sheltered tropic bays and lagoons of the extensive shore lines of the [then] foreseen continents that were now separating.

In existence today are very few species of these early type of marine life vegetation of our human species; but our modern sponges — through which our gradual transition from vegetable to animal life occurred — are the survivors of one of these early midway types. While not identical to them, but much like them, these early transition forms were true borderline, being neither vegetable nor animal organisms, and did eventually lead to the development of our true ancestral animal forms of life.

The evolution of our human species from vegetable into animal life can therefore be traced. But never will we be able to find any such connecting links between the great divisions of our animal kingdoms, nor between the highest of our pre-human animal types and the dawn peoples of our human race. For simply, they never existed!

Always do new species of animal life suddenly arise! Never do they evolve as a result of the gradual accumulation of small variations. Always do they suddenly appear as full fledged and new orders of life. And this sudden appearance is wholly biologic and strictly natural. Therefore — always will the so called “missing links” of our human ancestry be missing!

Thus the higher protozoan type of our ancestry animal life did suddenly appear; and before long, these early single-celled animal types began to associate  themselves  in  communities.  And later, the starfish, sea urchins, stone lilies, sea cucumbers, insects, centipedes, spiders, and crustaceans evolved with the closely related groups of earthworms and leeches; soon to be followed by the oyster, octopus, and snail.

Next, the first background animals came in appearance — the fish family — from which the frog sprang. And the frog began that series of progressive differentiation in animal life that resulted in the dawn of our human race. Thus the frog is one of the earliest of our surviving ancestry; and is the only species now living on earth ancestry to our early dawn races. In fact, we have no surviving ancestry between the frog and the Eskimo.

Frogs gave rise to the Reptila, and the reptile became a bird-probably the greatest leap in all pre­human evolution; even pigeons, eagles, ducks, and ostriches all descended from the enormous reptiles of long, long ago.

The kingdom of reptiles that descended from the frog family is today represented by four surviving divisions: two progressive — snakes and lizards, together with their alligator and turtle cousins; one partially progressive — the bird family; and the fourth-the ancestors of mammals and the direct line of the descent of our human species.

Thus from the agile little reptilian dinosaur of carnivorous habits — having a comparatively large brain — did the placental mammals suddenly appear. These mammals developed rapidly and in many different ways; not only giving rise to the common modem varieties, but also evolving into such marine types as whales and seals; as well as into air navigators — like the bat family. And from these higher mammals, derived principally from in the ancient east-west sheltered seas of the western marine life implantation, did our human race evolve!

However, before the direct line of our human ancestry was actually established, though the dominant factors of these early lemurs were derived from the western or later American group of the evolving life plasma, this strain was reinforced by contributions from the central life implantation evolved (in Africa). Whereas the eastern life group, having failed to meet the satisfactory levels of pre-human intelligence, contributed little or nothing to the actual production of our human species; and were thus purposely eliminated by the Life Carriers.

The establishment of our direct mammalian ancestry actually took place in southwestern Asia, in the original area of the central life implantation — except on the borders of its eastern regions. But as pre­ human intelligence unfolded and evolved, the ancestry of our lemur type of placental mammal became far more advanced in North America than in any other region of the world.

Historically, several million years ago the Life Carriers mind-led the North American type lemurs to migrate from the western life implantation arena, over the Bering land bridge, and slowly south-westward along the Asiatic coast, until finally coming upon the elevating mountainous regions of the Indian peninsula. And in these lands to the west of India that they united and continued to evolve and to benefit by the addition of certain favorable strains of the central life group-thereby establishing the ancestry of our present human race.

With the passage of time, the seacoast of India (southwest of the mountains) gradually submerged, making it impossible for these early lemur stock to leave this Mesopotamian or Persian peninsula — except to the north — where it too was repeatedly cut off due to the southern invasions of the glaciers. Thus, it was in this (then) isolated and almost paradoxical arena that two (2) great groups sprang from the superior descendants of the North American lemur type of placental mammal: the simian tribes of modern times, and the dawn races of our present-day human species. But unlike the simian tribes, our dawn races were flesh eaters and therefore were far more aggressive.

About 1,000,000 years ago the immediate ancestors of our human species made their appearance by three successive and sudden mutations stemming from the early stock of these lemur type of placental mammals.

The Mesopotamian dawn mammals were the first to suddenly appear from the early lemur stock. And for more than 1,000 years these aggressive little animals multiplied and spree all over the Mesopotamia peninsula, constantly improving in general intelligence and physical type. Being just seventy generations before it occurred from these almost three feet tall active little treetop abode creatures, the twin birth of the over four foot tall ‘mid-mammal’-the second sudden appearance (as the vital next step) of our pre­human evolution.

This (one male, one female) twin pair birth 21 children; and thereby became the nucleus of this new and superior group. But as their numbers multiplied and grew, war, relentless war, broke out between them and the dawn mammals — until not a single dawn mammal remained. And thus for more than six hundred generations these taller creatures, having longer legs and shorter arms, became the terror, and therefore — the ruling ‘lord’ of this region of the world.

But the increasing reproduction of this isolated pre-human species resulted in the inevitability of sex rivalry and a short food supply. In fact, as time passed, their inherent aggressive behavior continued to tum on themselves until just one hundred of the entire species remained alive, before a normal and semi-­ peaceful existence returned. And it was during this period that the final and vital third step in our pre­human evolution occurred — the first of a new species and the third sudden appearance — the Primates; denominated as such for it is they who are the actual direct and immediate animal ancestors of our entire human species.

The mid-mammal mother and father of these far superior (one male, one female) Primate twins were really the leaders of this (Life Carrier) selected remnant of the more progressive group of the mid­ mammal species. But unlike their ancestors, these Primate twins stood erect, as opposed to walking on their hind legs. They attained a height of over five feet tall, grew comparatively larger heads, and had less hair on their bodies; and communicated with sights and sounds that their ancestral tribe never were able to learn.

When these far more intelligent Primate twins were around 14 years old, they fled from their ancestral tribe to occupy a region on the west mast of the Mesopotamian peninsula as it then projected into the southern sea. Here the twins mated, raised their family, and thus established the new species — the Primates.

The Primates’ less intelligent and closely related mid-mammal tribes lived on around the point of the Mesopotamian peninsula, and up its eastern shore line. And during this same contemporaneous period, it was of that group that a peculiarly retarded male and female couple also gave birth to twins — one male and one female — who were instead the actual founders of the modem simian tribes.

Therefore, though the ape and the human species did spring from the same mid-mammal species, we did not spring from the same parentage!

Our human race descended from the far more superior strains of the progressive remnants of the mid­ mammal species, the modem simian tribes descended from their most inferior couple.

The simian tribe descendants concerned only with eating, ate no meat, and sought only the abundance of tropical fruit in the warmer and mild climates of the southern regions, where even today these modem types of monkey, baboon, chimpanzee, and gorilla can be found. However the primates lived a more human existence that these animal predecessors.

About 2l,000 years from the date of origin of the dawn mammal, or after almost nine hundred generations of development, from these Primates, the first two human beings suddenly occurred. Concluding we all are indeed human brothers and sisters! They reached full maturity at twelve, and had a potential life span of about 75 years. However, in less than 5,000 years later, not a single individual of these extraordinary tribes remained.

Thus, none of which by accident did our human species evolve to the appearance of the primitive humans during our planet’s Ice Age. The life rigors of this placial period of climatic severity being in every way adapted to the planned purpose of fostering the production of a hardy type of human being­ having tremendous survival endowment. Even today, Eskimos — being the sole survivors of our aborigines, still prefer to live in the frigid northern regions of our world. Concluding, only by intelligent design was human life on our planet Urantia implanted (as even further detailed in the Urantia Book).

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Life Establishment on Our Planet Urantia



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