The Fostering of Evolution

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The revelators inform that our human race evolved by way of primitive frog development, and that this ascending strain, carried in potential in a single frog, narrowly escaped extinction on a certain occasion. But it should not be inferred that the evolution of humanity would have been terminated by an accident at this juncture. For at that very moment the Life Carriers were observing and fostering no less than one thousand different and remotely situated mutating strains of life which could have been directed into various different patterns of prehuman development. This particular ancestral frog represented their third selection, the two prior life strains having perished in spite of all their efforts toward their conservation.

Even the loss of Andon and Fonta before they had offspring, though delaying human evolution, would not have prevented it. Subsequent to the appearance of Andon and Fonta and before the mutating human potentials of animal life were exhausted, there evolved no less than seven thousand favorable strains which could have achieved some sort of human type of development. And many of these better stocks were subsequently assimilated by the various branches of the expanding human species.

Humanity on Urantia must now solve its problems of mortal development with the human stocks we now have, for no more races will evolve from prehuman sources throughout all future time. But this fact does not preclude the possibility of the attainment of vastly higher levels of human development through the intelligent fostering of the evolutionary potentials still resident in our mortal races. That which the Life Carriers did toward fostering and conserving the life strains before the appearance of human will, we must now do. In a general way, the evolutionary destiny of our humanity is now in our own hands.

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