The Grand Universe — We Are Truly Not Alone!

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The grand universe is the presently organized and inhabited material creation; and it consists of the central universe of Havona, in eternity, and the seven evolving superuniverses, in time – all revolving about the Paradise-Havona system.  The seven superuniverses are unfinished and therefore new nebulae are constantly being organized.  When finished, each superuniverse will contain 100,000 local universes, containing about 10,000,000 inhabited planets each.

It is 400,000 light years between the Great Unique Belt and our 2nd Space Level Path; and our seventh superuniverse, Orvonton, is presently located in the southeast between superuniverse one and six.  Having a diameter of approximately 500,000 light years, containing more than ten trillion suns, practically all of the starry realms visible to our naked eye belong to Orvonton.  Forming a watchlike, elongated-circular grouping, this great aggregation of suns, dark islands of space, double stars, globular clusters, star clouds, spiral and other nebulae – together with the myriads of individual planets – is about one seventh of the inhabited evolutionary universes; and its vast Milky Way starry system represents its central nucleus.  Gazing through the main body of this realm of maximum density, when the angle of observation is propitious, you are looking toward Paradise.

Our local universe, Nebadon, is located near the edge of Orvonton, and has not long since (as we reckon time) turned the southeastern bend of the Orvonton space level path.  And well out towards the borderland of Nebadon is our planet Urantia, which belongs to our local system, Satania, and is a member of our solar system, Momantia.

Today, Momantia is a few billion years past the swing around the southern curvature of the 2nd Space Level Path so that we are just now advancing beyond the southeastern bend and are moving swiftly through the long and comparatively straightaway northern path.  And for untold ages Orvonton will pursue this almost direct northernly course.

And consider, whereas one (1) light year is equal to 6 trillion of our standard planetary miles, it is some two hundred (200) thousand light years from Jerusem, the capital of our local system Satania, to the physical center of our 7th superuniverse, Orvonton; and a trifle less than two hundred and fifty (250) thousand light years from the center of Orvonton to its outermost system of inhabited worlds.  Truly, we are not alone!

Imagining the north end of Paradise in eternity, and the counter-clockwise direction of our immense 2nd Space Level Path in time, Superuniverse Two is in the north, preparing for our path’s westward swing; while Superuniverse Three, having already turned into the curve leading to the southernly plunge, now maintains the curve’s northernmost segment. Whereas the advanced regions of Superuniverse Four are now approaching opposition to Paradise, and is on our path’s comparatively straightaway flight, Superuniverse Five has almost left its position opposite Paradise, while continuing on the direct southernly course just proceeding the path’s eastward swing.  Superuniverse Six now occupies most of the southern curve, the segment from which our 7th Superuniverse, Orvonton, has nearly passed.  And Orvonton, having not long turned the path’s southeastern bend, swings between Superuniverse Six and One.  Thereby, completing our great elliptic 2nd Space Level Path of the seven superuniverses in time.

But the grand universe is not only a material creation of physical grandeur, spirit sublimity, and intellectual magnitude, it is also a magnificent and responsive living organism.  There is actual life pulsating throughout the mechanism of the vast creation of the vibrant cosmos.  This material and living organism is penetrated by intelligence circuits, even as the human body is traversed by a network of neural sensation paths.  This physical universe is permeated by energy lanes which effectively activate material creation, even as the human body is nourished and energized by the circulatory distribution of the assimilable energy products of nourishment.  The vast universe is not without those co-ordinating centers of magnificent overcontrol which might be compared to the delicate chemical-control system of the human mechanism.

Much as mortals look to solar energy for life maintenance, so does the grand universe depend upon the unfailing energies emanating from nether Paradise to sustain the material activities and cosmic motions of space.

Mortal man is responsive to spirit guidance, even as the grand universe responds to the far-flung spirit-gravity grasp of the Eternal Son, the universal supermaterial cohesion of the eternal spiritual values of all the creations of the finite cosmos of time and space.

Man’s urge for Paradise perfection, his striving for God-attainment, creates a genuine divinity tension in the living cosmos which can only be resolved by the evolution of an immortal soul; this is what happens in the experience of a single mortal creature.  But when all creatures and all Creators in the grand universe likewise strive for God-attainment and divine perfection, there is built up a profound cosmic tension which can only find resolution in the sublime synthesis of almighty power with the spirit person of the evolving God of all experiencing creatures, the Supreme Being.

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The Grand Universe Concept Drawing!

Our Seventh Superuniverse Orvonton


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