The Human Mind

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1.  Upon conception,  human mind a temporary intellect system was loaned to you.

2.  While the mind is not the seat of the spiritual nature, it is the gateway thereto; the mind of man is human, mortal, but the spirit of man is divine, immortal.

3.  A human mind early begins to manifest qualities which are super-material; the truly effective human intellect is not altogether bound by the limits of time.

4.  Our present mortal human mind can be truly comprehended only by recognizing the reality of higher orders of thought and purposive will; as moral beings, we are inexplicable unless the reality of the Father in heaven is acknowledged.

5.  A human mind, built solely out of the consciousness of physical sensations, could never attain spiritual levels; this kind of material would be lacking in a sense of moral values and would be without a guiding sense of spiritual dominance by the indwelling Spirit Being.

6.  The human mind does not well stand the conflict of double allegiance – to serve both good and evil; the supremely happy and efficiently unified mind is the one wholly dedicated to the doing of the will of the Father in heaven.

7.  The critical material mind of man can triumph over the inertial of intellectual doubting when faced by the demonstration of the manifestation  of  living  truth as it operates in the experience of spirit-born men and women who yield the fruits of the spirit in their lives, and who love one another; so, in all your work, stay faithful in your allegiance to God.

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