The Life-Dawn Era

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Though Life Carriers can and do carry life to the planets, on Urantia, they brought no life. Urantia life is unique, original with the planet. Our sphere is a life-modification world; all life appearing hereon was formulated by the Life Carriers right here on this planet; and there is no other world in all the 10,000,000 evolving inhabitable worlds in our local universe Nebadon, that has a life existence just like that of our planet Urantia.

550,000,000 years ago, the Life Carriers, in cooperation with spiritual powers and superphysical forces, organized and initiated the original life patterns of this world and planted them in the hospitable waters of the realm. All planetary life had its origin in their three original, identical, and simultaneous marine-life implantations. These three life implantations have been designated as: the central or Eurasian African, the eastern or Australian, and the western, embracing Greenland and the Americas.

500,000,000 years ago, primitive marine vegetable life was well established on Urantia. Greenland and the arctic land mass together with North and South America were beginning their long and slow westward drift. Africa moved slightly south, creating an east and west trough, the Mediterranean basin, between itself and the mother body. Antarctica, Australia, and the land indicated by the islands of the Pacific broke away on the south and east and have drifted far away since that day.

The Life Carriers planted the primitive form of marine life in the sheltered tropic bays of the central seas of the east-west cleavage of the breaking-up continental land mass. Their purpose in making three marine-life implantations was to ensure that each great land mass would carry this life with it, in its warm-water seas, as the land subsequently separated. They foresaw that in the later era of the emergence of land life, large oceans of water would separate these drifting continental land masses.

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