The Midway Creatures

The midway creatures have a threefold classification: They are properly classified with the ascending Sons of God; they are factually grouped with the orders of permanent citizenship, while they are functionally reckoned with the ministering spirits of time because of their intimate and effective association with the angelic hosts in the work of serving mortal man on the individual worlds of space.

These unique creatures appear on the majority of the inhabited worlds and are always found on the decimal or life-experiment planets, such as Urantia.  Midwayers are of two types — primary and secondary.   Primary midwayers resemble angels more than mortals; the secondary orders are much more like human beings. Each renders invaluable assistance to the other in the execution of their manifold planetary assignments. The primary ministers can achieve liaison co-operation with both morontia- and spirit-energy controllers and mind circuiters.   The secondary group can establish working connections only with the physical controllers and the material-circuit manipulators.   But since each order of midwayer can establish perfect synchrony of contact with the other, either group is thereby able to achieve practical utilization of  the  entire energy gamut extending from the gross physical power of the material worlds up through the transition phases of universe energies to the higher spirit-reality forces of the celestial realms.  The gap between the material and spiritual worlds is perfectly bridged by the serial association of mortal human beings, secondary midwayer, primary midwayer, cherubim, and seraphim.   In the personal experience of an individual mortal these diverse levels are undoubtedly more or less unified and made personally meaningful by the unobserved and mysterious operations of the divine indwelling God-fragment Spirit being (right now) located as the very nucleus of each of us normal-minded human beings.

On normal worlds the primary midwayers maintain their service as the intelligence corps and as celestial entertainers on behalf of the Planetary Prince, while the secondary ministers continue their co-operation with the Adamic regime of furthering the cause of progressive planetary civilization. In case of the defection of the Planetary Prince and the failure of the Material Son, as occurred here on Urantia, the midway creatures become the wards of the System Sovereign and serve under the directing guidance of the acting custodian of the planet. But on only three other worlds in our local system Satania — of its 1,000 evolving inhabitable worlds — do these beings function as one group under unified leadership as do the united midway ministers of Urantia, here.

The planetary work of both primary and secondary midwayers is varied and diverse on the numerous individual worlds of a universe, but on the normal and average planets their activities are very different from the duties which occupy their time on isolated spheres, such as Urantia.

The primary midwayers are the planetary historians who formulate the pageants and design the portrayals of planetary history — from the time of the arrival of a planet’s Planetary Prince to the age it’s settled in light and life, the final evolutionary stage of its perfection — for the exhibits of the planets on the system headquarters worlds.

Midwayers remain for long periods on an inhabited world, but if faithful to their trust, they will eventually and most certainly be recognized for their age-long service in maintaining the sovereignty of the Creator Son; they will be duly rewarded for their patient ministry to the material mortals on their world of time and space. Sooner or later all accredited midway creatures will be mustered into the ranks of the ascending Sons of God and will be duly initiated into the long adventure of the Paradise ascent  in company with those very mortals of animal origin, as presently as ourselves, their earth brethren, whom they so jealously guarded and so effectively served during the long planetary sojourn.

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