The Morontia Awakening!

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Just as a butterfly emerges from the caterpillar stage, so too will your true personality emerge on the mansion worlds of Jerusem.

Following death, terrestrial escape, and subsequent resurrection — just where you leave off here (as concerns your intellectual training and spiritual character development) is where your life resumes on the mansion worlds. But considerable change would have occurred when we thus awaken on the first mansion sphere.

Left behind on this world is the tabernacle of our present flesh and blood body; for a new and different body — a morontia life form — will (then) be possessed by you! 

It is revealed that this first awakening on the shores of the mansion world is indeed an epoch in the career of an ascending mortal. Imagine, there for the first time, actually to see the long-loved and ever­-present angelic companions of our present earth days; becoming truly conscious of the identity and presence of our (right now) indwelling Spirit Being.  Such an experience constitutes a real resurrection — a glorious awakening!

It is revealed that throughout all eternity we will recall upon these most profound memory impressions which will occasion our first witnessing of the morontia awakenings! 

It is revealed that when we first awaken — we will be so changed, the spiritual transformation so great — that were it not for our indwelling Spirit Being and our destiny guardian angels (who so fully connect up our present life with our new life of the next worlds), it would be extremely difficult for us (at first) to connect our new moron-tia consciousness with the reviving memory of our (then) previous identity of this life!

 (The fact a driver changes vehicles to traverse the realities of different terrain, changes not the fact of the existence of the life of the driver; as the fact a soul changes bodies to traverse the realities of different worlds, changes not the fact of the existence of your immortal soul — the real you!)

Notwithstanding the continuity of your personal selfhood, much of your present mortal life will be (at first) — as a vague and hazy dream. But time will of course — clarify many of the present mortal associations of you! 

Upon awakening, the indwelling Spirit Being will recall and rehearse to you only those memories and experiences which are a part of, and essential to, your universe career. And if It has been a partner in any of the evolution of your present human mind, then will these worthwhile experiences survive in Its Eternal consciousness. But most of this, your (then) past life, and its memories, having bridged you over to the (then) morontia level of you, will pass away as one time scaffolding — no longer serving (you) a purpose in the universe. However, personality and the relationships between personalities are never scaffolding; for memories of personality relationships have cosmic value — and will persist!

We will know and be known, remember and be remembered, by our one-time associates in this short, but intriguing — physical life now!

The appearance of your physical ‘body-form ‘ to a certain extent is responsive to the character of the identity of your present personality. Thus your physical body, to a limited degree, does reflect something of the inherent nature of your personality’s identity; and more so will the morontia body-form of you!

In the physical life, we mortals, though outwardly beautiful, may be inwardly unlovely; but in the morontial life — on through its increasingly higher levels, personality-forms vary directly in accordance with the inner nature of the individual. And on the spiritual level, outward form and inner nature begin to approximate complete identification; and this identification grows more and more perfect on the higher and higher levels of spirit realities.

Mortal intellect perishes upon death; but its meanings and values will not! (The driver of a car is in no need of the car to possess the meanings and values of a prior driving experience.) 

Continued are certain phases of mortal mind in the surviving soul; as are certain of its experiential values held by the indwelling Spirit Being. And it is in these non-material factors that persist the local universe records of our present human life in the flesh; together with certain ‘living registrations’ in the numerous beings who are concerned with the final evaluation of all ascending mortals.

The volition of human will does not exist without mind; but it does persist in spite of the loss of mortal intellect. 

During those times immediately following mortal survival, an ascending personality, in great measure, is guided by the character patterns inherited from its human life — and by the newly appearing action of “morontia mota!” (As philosophy functions in mortal life, so too does ‘mota’ function on the morontial spheres.)

Superimposing the perceptions of the morontia life upon the perceptions of physical life has a stereophonic effect on meanings and values; thus (cosmic perspective) depth is achieved. And this depth can be experienced — even now!

In the morontia estate, an ascending mortal is endowed with the Nebadon (our local universe) modification of the cosmic mind endowment of the Orvonton (our superuniverse) modification, as itself has been endowed with the absolute (God the Spirit) mind of God. 

Prior to death, mortal mind is self-consciously independent of the presence of the indwelling Spirit Being — for only is Its associated energy pattern needed to enable our (human) adjutant mind. But there are no such influences comparable to the seven adjutant mind-spirits in the local universe career, for the morontia mind must evolve in direct contact with God’s cosmic mind; as it has been modified and translated by the creative source of the local universe.

However the soul, being super-adjutant, when deprived of the material mind mechanism, is not self-conscious without the presence of the indwelling Spirit Being. But it does possess a continuing character derived from the decisions of its former associated adjutant mind; and such character does become active memory when the patterns thereof are energized by the returning indwelling Being.

The persistence of memory is proof of the retention of the original selfhood! 

Though the soul’s memory-patterns persist, it requires the presence of the former indwelling Spirit Being for them to become immediately self-realizable as continuing memory.

Without the indwelling Spirit Being it would require considerable time to re-learn, re-explore, and re­-capture the memory consciousness of the meanings and values of our (then) former evidence of human living. essential to complete self-consciousness of personality continuity and expansion! 

Therefore with your memory having (then) been returned to you — you become (then) conscious — of the ‘morontiaexistence of you!

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