The Motive of Prayer

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1.  The motive of the prayer gives it right of way to the divine ear, not the social, economic, or outward religious status of the one who prays.

2.  Prayer is not designed as a technique for aggrandizing self or for gaining unfair advantage over another human being; and it may not be employed to avoid the delays of time or to transcend the handicaps of space.

3.  Guard against the great danger of becoming self-centered in your prayers; avoid praying much for yourself; pray more for the spiritual progress of your brethren.

4.  Pray for the welfare of families, and fellows, but especially pray for those who curse you.

5.  Many resort to prayer only when in trouble; such a practice is thoughtless and misleading; a thoroughly selfish soul cannot pray in the true sense of the word.

6.  True, do well to pray when harassed, but you should also be mindful to speak as a child even when all goes well with your soul.

7.  And avoid materialistic praying; pray in the spirit and for the abundance of the gifts of the spirit.

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