The Mystery of God and Why He Created You — Directory

Surviving Death!

Inner and Outer Life!

Eternal Reason You are Here!

The Love of God

God is Everywhere (Everywhere Present)!

The Evolution of Our Human Race

Each Sex Remains Supreme!

God is Righteous and Just

The Meaning and Value of Life

Reality of God

God’s Universal Knowledge

The Emergence of Our Planet’s First Two Human Beings

Evolution of an Ideal Statehood

God Rules Alone!

The Nature of God

The Terrestrial Escape!


Man vs. Woman!

Eternal Reason All Exists!

Our Planet’s Origin and It’s a Decimal Planet

Death Itself!

Our Mind is Mortal, Human, and Evolutionary

Following Death!

God’s Mercy

God’s Primacy

Personality in the Universe

The Evolution of Our Planet’s Evolutionary Races of Color

The Morontia Awakening!

God is Personality

So you know: Why God Created You!

Our Father’s Goodness

Components of the Eternal Evolution of You!

True Meaning of Life

The Mystery of God!

The Spiritual Value of the Personality Concept

Resurrection: Reassembling the Personality of You!

Our Ascendent Life!

God’s Thought Controls All Creation

Marriage and Family Life!

Table of Contents – The Mystery of God and Why He Created You!

All Mortals are Evolutionary Beings

Serve, Learn, and Teach

God’s Love!

Our Father’s Eternal Perfection

And What About Our Aborted Children

Life after Death

God’s Infinite Power

God is Perfect and He Does Know the All of You!

The Great Threat Against Family Life!

Our Father’s Supreme Rule

The Story of Our Ancestral Human Ascent

God’s Limitlessness

The Infinity of God

The Soul is the Escape Vehicle of You!

“Evolving Your Immortal Soul: The Real You” Quotes

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