The Mystery of God

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    The infinity of the perfection of God is such that it eternally constitutes His mystery.  And the greatest of all the unfathomable mysteries of God is the phenomenon of the divine indwelling of the Thought Adjusters in those of our normal mortal human minds.  The manner in which the Universal Father sojourns with the creatures of time is the most profound of all universe mysteries; the divine presence presently in our normal human minds is the mystery of mysteries.

     When we are through down here on earth, when our course has been run in temporary form on earth, when our trial trip in the flesh is finished, when the dust that now composes the mortal tabernacle of the physical body you now possess “returns to the earth whence it came,” then, it is revealed, the indwelling “Spirit shall return to God, who gave it.”  There sojourns within each moral being of this planet a fragment of God, a part and parcel of divinity.  It is not yet yours by right of possession, but it is designedly intended to be with you — if you so choose to survive this, your human mortal life existence.

     The divine mystery consists in the inherent difference which exists between the finite and the infinite, the temporal and the eternal, the time-space creature and the Universal Creator, the material and the spiritual, the imperfection of human beings and the perfection of Paradise Deity.

     To every spirit being and to every mortal creature in every sphere and on every one of the one billion perfect worlds of the eternal central universe, the Universal Father reveals all of His gracious and divine self that can be discerned or comprehended by such spirit beings and by such mortal creatures.  God is no respecter of persons, either spiritual or material.  The divine presence which any child of the universe enjoys at any given moment is limited only by the capacity of such a creature to receive and to discern the spirit actualities of the supermaterial world.

     As a reality in human spiritual experience God is not a mystery.  But when an attempt is made to make plain the realities of the spirit world to the physical minds of the material order, mystery appears; mysteries so subtle and so profound that only the faith-grasp of the God-knowing mortal can achieve the philosophic miracle of the recognition of the Infinite by the finite, the discernment of the eternal God by the evolving mortals of the material worlds of time and space.

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