The Planetary Prince of Urantia

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   About five hundred thousand (500,000) years ago and concurrent with the appearance of the six colored Sangik races, Caligastia, the Planetary Prince, arrived on Urantia. There were almost one-half billion primitive human beings on earth at the time of the Prince’s arrival, and they were well scattered over Europe, Asia, and Africa. The Prince’s headquarters, established in Mesopotamia, was about the center of world population.


     Caligastia was a brilliant administrator and very early had sought a commission as a Planetary Prince, but repeatedly had been disapproved before he was finally assigned to Urantia. Caligastia went forth to his trust of this world dominion with an enviable record of loyalty and devotion to the welfare of the universe of his origin and sojourn, not- withstanding a certain characteristic restlessness coupled with a tendency to disagree with the established order in certain minor matters. All in all, Urantia was regarded most fortunate to have such an experienced, brilliant, and original mind at the helm of world affairs.

     The Planetary Prince of Urantia was not sent out on his mission alone but was accompanied by the usual corps of assistants and administrative helpers. At the head of this group was Daligastia, the associate-assistant of the Planetary Prince.

     The planetary staff included a large number of angelic cooperators and a host of other celestial beings assigned to advance the interests and promote the welfare of the human races. But from our standpoint the most interesting group of all were the corporeal members of the Prince’s staff – sometimes referred to as the Caligastia one hundred. Sometime before the arrival of these one hundred members of the Prince’s staff, the two supervising Life Carriers resident on Urantia, having previously perfected their plans, petitioned on High for permission to transplant the life plasm of one hundred selected survivors of the Andon and Fonta stock into the material bodies to be projected for the corporeal members of the Prince’s staff. The request was granted and approved.

     Accordingly, fifty males and fifty females of the Andon and Fonta posterity, representing the survival of the best strains of that unique race, were chosen by the Life Carriers. With one or two exceptions, these Andonite contributors to the advancement of the race were strangers to one another. They were assembled from widely separated places at the threshold of the planetary headquarters of the Prince. Here the one hundred subjects were given into the hands of a highly skilled volunteer commission who directed the material extraction of a portion of the life plasm of these Andon descendants. This living material was then transferred to the material bodies constructed for the use of the one hundred members of the Prince’s staff. Meantime, these newly arrived staff members were held in the sleep of seraphic transport.

     These transactions, together with the literal creation of special bodies for the Caligastia one hundred, gave origin to numerous legends, many of which subsequently have become confused with the later traditions concerning the planetary installation of Adam and Eve.

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