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God is primal reality in the spirit world, the source of truth in the mind spheres, overshadows all throughout the material realms, and the Father of personality to all created intelligences, to include you. For God “is” the First Source and Center of all eternal reality!

God is universal spirit, eternal truth, infinite reality, Father personality — and more!

God is infinitely more than reality idealized or the universe personalized. He is not simply the supreme desire of the human being, the mortal quest objectified.

God is neither manlike nor machinelike. He is not a psychological focalization of mortal spiritual meanings, neither is He “the noblest work of men.”

God is not a synonym for nature, neither is He natural law personified. He is not merely a concept, neither is God the power-potential of righteousness. Though God may be any or all of these concepts in the minds of us human beings, He is much, much, more!

The existence of the Universal Father can never be proved by scientific experience or by the pure reason of logical deduction. For, on our planet, only can God be realized in the realms of human experience. And the actuality of the existence of God in human experience is demonstrated by:

  1. our intellectual capacity for knowing God — God-consciousness,
  2. our spiritual urge to find God — God-seeking,
  3. and our personality craving to be like God — the wholehearted desire to do our Father’s Will,

Thus the true concept of the reality of God is reasonable to logic, plausible to philosophy, essential to religion, and indispensable to any hope of (your) personality survival.

It is only those of us who know God-who have experienced the fact of His presence. For the existence of God is utterly beyond all possibility of demonstration except for the fact of the contact between the God-consciousness of our human mind and the God-presence of God’s spirit: the indwelling Spirit Being — that “fragment” of His spirit bestowed as a free gift upon every normal-minded, morally conscious human being — which [right now] indwells as the very nucleus of your mortal human intellect. Thus only in the personal experience of us human beings who know God is the only positive proof which one human being can offer to another of the existence of Him.

God is a saving Pure Spirit Person, a loving Spiritual Father, to all of us who seek to enjoy spiritual peace on earth and who crave to experience personality survival in death.

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God is “Our Father”!



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