The Six Evolutionary Races

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The race of dominance during the early ages of all inhabited worlds is the red race, who ordinarily is the first to attain human levels of development. But while the red race is the senior race of the planets, the succeeding colored peoples begin to make their appearances very early in the age of mortal emergence.

The earlier races are somewhat superior to the later; the red race stands far above the indigo — black — race. The Life Carriers impart the full bestowal of the living energies to the initial or red race, and each succeeding evolutionary manifestation of a distinct group of mortals represents variation at the expense of the original endowment. Even mortal stature tends to decrease from the red peoples to the indigo race, although on our planet unexpected strains of giantism appeared among the green and orange peoples.

On worlds such as ours having all six evolutionary races the superior peoples are the first, third, and fifth races — the red, the yellow, and the blue. The evolutionary races thus alternate in capacity for intellectual growth and spiritual development, the second (orange), fourth (green), and sixth (indigo) being somewhat less endowed.

The evolution of six colored races, while seeming to deteriorate the original endowment of the red race, provides certain very desirable variations in mortal types and affords an otherwise unattainable expression of diverse human potentials. These modifications are beneficial to the progress of humanity as a whole.

In the early days of racial development there is a slight tendency for the red, the yellow, and the blue peoples to interbreed; there is a similar tendency for the orange, green, and indigo races to intermingle.  The more backward humans are usually employed as laborers by the more progressive races. This accounts for the origin of slavery on the planet during the early ages. The orange race is usually subdued by the red and reduced to the status of servants – sometimes exterminated. The yellow and red peoples often fraternize, but not always. The yellow race usually enslaves the green, while the blue (amalgamated “white race”) subdues the indigo – black race. These races of primitive human beings think no more of utilizing the services of their backward fellows in compulsory labor than we do of buying and selling horses and cattle.

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