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While the mortal survivors of time and space are denominated ascending pilgrims when accredited for the progressive ascent to Paradise, we being of these evolutionary creatures, the following narrative presents our universe career, for such a destiny may be anticipated by all of the human races of our planet, Urantia.

  1. Planetary Mortals are all animal-origin evolutionary beings of ascendant potential. In origin, nature, and destiny these various groups and types of human beings are not wholly unlike ourselves, of the Urantia peoples. The human races of each world receive the same ministry of the Sons of God and enjoy the presence of the ministering spirits of time, the ministry of the various spirit and angelic personalities. After natural death all types of ascenders fraternize as one (immortal) morontia family on the mansion worlds of their respective local system.
  2. Sleeping Survivors. All mortals of survival status, in the custody of personal guardians of destiny (angels), pass through the portals of natural death and, on the third period (day), personalize on the mansion Those accredited beings who have, for any reason, been unable to attain that level of intelligence mastery and endowment of spirituality which would entitle them to personal guardians, cannot thus immediately and directly go to the mansion worlds. Such surviving souls must rest in unconscious sleep until the judgment day of a new epoch, a new dispensation, the corning of a Son of God to call the rolls of the age and adjudicate the realm, and this is the general practice throughout all Nebadon. It was said of Christ Michael than, when he ascended on high at the conclusion of his work on earth. “He led a great multitude of captives.” And these captives were the sleeping survivors from the days of Adam to the day of the Master’s resurrection on Urantia.

The passing of time is of no moment to sleeping mortals; they are wholly unconscious and oblivious to the length of their rest. On reassembly of personality at the end of an age, those who have slept five thousand years will react no differently than those who have rested five days. Aside from this time delay these survivors pass on through the ascension regime identically with those who avoid the longer or shorter sleep of death. These dispensational classes of world pilgrims are utilized for group morontia activities in the work of the local universes. There is a great advantage in the mobilization of such enormous groups; they are thus kept together for long periods of effective service.

  1. Mansion World Students. All surviving mortals who reawaken on the mansion worlds belong to this The plan of initial. mortal detention on seven worlds of progressive training is nearly universal in Orvonton. In each local system of approximately one thousand inhabited planets there are seven mansion worlds, usually satellites or subsatellites of the system capital. They are the receiving worlds for the majority of ascending mortals. Sometimes all training worlds of mortal residence called universe “mansions,” and it was to such spheres that Jesus alluded when he said: “In my Father’s house are many mansions.”

The physical body of mortal flesh is not a part of the reassembly of the sleeping survivor; the physical body has returned to dust. The (angel) seraphim of assignment sponsors the new body, the morontia form, as the new life vehicle for the immortal soul and for the indwelling of the ascender’s returned indwelling Spirit Being. The indwelling Spirit of God Himself is the custodian of the spirit transcript of the mind of the sleeping survivor. The assigned seraphim is the keeper of the surviving identity – the immortal soul – as far as it has evolved. And when these two, the indwelling Spirit and the seraphim, reunite their personality trusts, the new individual constitutes the resurrection of the old personality, the survival of the evolving morontia identity of the soul. Such a reassociation of soul and indwelling Spirit. Being is quite properly called a resurrection, a reassembly of personality factors – though the reappearance of the surviving personality itself is not entirely explained. However, since we will probably presently never fully understand the fact of such an inexplicable transaction, we will sometime experientially know the truth of it if you do not reject the plan of your mortal survival.

From the resurrection halls you proceed to the Melchizedek sector, where you are assigned permanent residence. Then you enter upon ten days of personal liberty. You are free to explore the immediate vicinity of your new home and to familiarize yourself with the program which lies immediately ahead. You also have time to gratify your desire to consult the registry and call upon your loved ones and other earth friends who may have preceded you to these worlds. At the end of your ten-day period of leisure you begin the second step in the Paradise journey, for the mansion worlds are actual training spheres, not merely detention planets.

From here on, within a given group of spheres like the mansion worlds, ascenders will progress individually from one sphere to another, but they will always advance from one stage of universe study to another in class formation.

On the mansion worlds you complete the unification of the evolving mortal personality; on the system capital of Satania, Jerusem, you attain Jerusem citizenship and achieve the willingness to submit the self to the disciplines of group activities and coordinated undertakings; and on the constellation training worlds you are to achieve the real socialization of your evolving morontia personality.

  1. Morontia From the mansion worlds on up through the spheres of the system, constellation, and the universe, mortals are classified as morontia progressors; they are traversing the transition spheres of mortal ascension. As the ascending mortals progress from the lower to the higher of the morontia worlds, they serve on countless assignments in association with their teachers and in company with their more advanced and senior brethren.

Morontia progression pertains to continuing advancement of intellect, spirit, and personality form.

Survivors are still three-natured beings. Throughout the entire morontia experience of 570 morontia life experiences they are wards of the local universe. The regime of the superuniverse does not function until the spirit career begins.

Mortals acquire real spirit identity just before they leave the local universe headquarters for the receiving worlds of the minor sectors of the superuniverse. Passing from the final morontia stage to the first or lowest spirit status is but a slight transition. The mind, personality, and character are unchanged by such an advance; only does the form undergo modification. But the spirit form is just as real as the morontia body, and it is equally discernible.

Before departing from their native local universes for the superuniverse receiving worlds, the mortals of time are recipients of spirit confirmation from the Creator Son and the local universe Mother Spirit. From this point on, the status of the ascending mortal is forever settled. Superuniverse wards have never been known to go astray. Ascending seraphim are also advanced in angelic standing at the time of their departure from the local universes.

Your passage through this wonderful borderland life will be an unforgettable experience, a charming memory. It is the evolutionary portal to spirit life and the eventual attainment of creature perfection by which ascenders achieve the goal of time – the finding of God on Paradise.

There is a definite and divine purpose in all this morontia and subsequent spirit scheme of mortal progression, this elaborate universe training school for all us ascending creatures. It is the design of the Creators to afford the creatures of time a graduated opportunity to master the details of the operation and administration of the grand universe, and this long course of training is best carried forward by having the surviving mortal climb up gradually and by actual participation in every step of the ascent.

The mortal-survival plan has a practical and serviceable objective; we are not the recipients of all this divine labor and painstaking training only that you may survive just to enjoy endless bliss and eternal ease. There is a goal of transcendent service concealed beyond the horizon of the present universe age. If the Gods designed merely to take us on one long and eternal joy excursion, they certainly would not so largely turn the whole universe into one vast and intricate practical training school, requisition a substantial part of the celestial creation as teachers and instructors, and then spend ages upon ages piloting us, one by one, through this gigantic universe school of experiential training. The furtherance of the scheme of mortal progression seems to be one of the chief businesses of the present organized universe, and the majority of innumerable orders of created intelligences are either directly or indirectly engaged in advancing some phase of this progressive perfection plan.

The early morontia life in the local systems is very much like that of our present material world, becoming less physical and more truly morontial (immortal) on the constellation study worlds. And as you advance to the Salvington spheres, you increasingly attain spiritual levels.

The Morontia Power Supervisors, who make possible the transition environment for the progressing morontia creatures, are able to effect a union of material and of spiritual energies, thereby organizing a morontia form of materialization which is receptive to the superimposition of a controlling spirit. When we traverse the morontia life of Nebadon, these same patient and skillful Morontia Power Supervisors will successively provide each of us, who so chose, with 570 morontia bodies, each one a phase of our progressive transformation. From the time of leaving this material world until you are constituted a first-stage spirit on Salvington, you will undergo just 570 separate and ascending morontia changes. Eight of these occur in the system, seventy-one in the constellation, and 491 during the sojourn on the spheres of Salvington; or 571, which includes the mortal native life you are living now!

In these days of the mortal flesh your divine spirit indwells you, almost as a thing apart — in reality an invasion of you by the bestowed spirit of your Universal Father. But in the morontia life the spirit will become a real part of your personality, and as you successively pass through the 570 progressive transformations, you ascend from the material being you are now to the spiritual estate of creature life.

Paul learned of the existence of the morontia worlds and of the reality of morontia materials, for he wrote, “They have in heaven a better and more enduring substance.” And these morontia materials are real, literal, even as in “the city which has foundations, whose builder and maker is God.” And each of these marvelous spheres is “a better country, that is, a heavenly one.”

  1. Superuniverse Wards. All ascenders arriving on the training worlds of the superuniverse become the wards of the Ancients of Days, the superuniverse rulers; they have traversed the morontia life of the local universe and are now accredited spirits. As young spirits they begin the ascension of the superuniverse system of training and culture, extending from the receiving spheres of their minor sector of 100 local universes each, in through the study worlds of the ten major sectors of 100 minor sectors each, having 1,000,000,000 worlds each, and on the higher cultural spheres of the superuniverse headquarters.

Before leaving the superuniverse in time and space, for the central universe of Havana in eternity, these ascending spirits, now eternal, receive the same thorough course in superuniverse management that they received during their morontia experience in local universe supervision. Before spirit mortals reach the eternal central universe of Havona, their chief study, but not exclusive occupation, is the mastery of local and superuniverse administration. The reason for all of this experience is not now fully apparent, but no doubt such training is wise and necessary in view of their possible future destiny as members of the Corps of the Finality.

The superuniverse regime is not the same for all ascending mortals. They receive the same general education, but special groups and classes are carried through special courses of instruction and are put through specific courses of training.

  1. Havona Pilgrims. When spirit development is complete even though not replete, then the surviving mortal prepares for the long flight to the central universe of Havona, the haven of evolutionary On earth you are a creature of flesh and blood; through the local universe you will be a morontia being; through the superuniverse you are to be an evolving spirit; with your arrival on the receiving worlds of Havona your spiritual education begins in reality and in earnest; and your eventual appearance on Paradise will be as a perfected spirit.

The journey from the superuniverse headquarters to the Havona receiving spheres is always made alone. From now on no more class or group instruction will be administered. first to last, throughout all Havana, the instruction is personal and threefold in nature: intellectual, spiritual, and experiential.

The first act of your Havana career will be to recognize and thank your transport seconaphim (transport personalities who carry the pilgrims of time from the headquarters worlds of the superuniverses to the outer circle of Havona) for the long and safe journey. Then you are presented to those beings who will sponsor your early Havana activities. Next you go to register your arrival and prepare your message of thanksgiving and adoration for dispatch to the Creator Son of our local universe of Nebadon, the Universe Father who made possible your sonship career. This concludes the formalities of the Havana arrival; whereupon you are accorded a long period of leisure for free observation, and this affords opportunity for looking up your friends, fellows, and associates of the long ascension experience. You may also consult the broadcasts to ascertain who of your fellow pilgrims have departed for Havana since the time of your leaving Uversa.

The fact of your arrival on the receiving worlds of Havona will be duly transmitted to the headquarters of our local universe and personally conveyed to your seraphic guardian angel, wherever that seraphim may chance to be.

The ascendant mortals have been thoroughly trained in the affairs of the evolutionary worlds of space; now they begin their long and profitable contact with the created spheres of perfection. What a preparation for some future work is afforded by this combined, unique, and extraordinary experience!

  1. Paradise Arrivals. On reaching Paradise with residential status, you begin the progressive course in divinity and absonity – reality characterized by things and beings without beginnings or endings and by the transcendence of time and space. Your residence on Paradise signifies that you have found God, and that you are to be mustered into the Mortal Corps of the Finality — the present known destination of all us ascending mortal beings resident on Urantia. There, awaiting your arrival, is your most glorious and exquisite perfect home — right now awaiting to eternally comfort you!

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