The Times of Jesus’ Birth – The Revelator’s Acknowledgement

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In carrying out the revelator’s commission to restate the teachings and retell the doings of Jesus of Nazareth, freely had the revelator drawn upon all sources of record and planetary information; the ruling motive having been to prepare a record which would not only be enlightening to the generation of those now living, but which may also be helpful to all future generations. From the vast store of information made available, the revelator choose that which was best suited to the accomplishment of this purpose. As far as possible the information was derived from purely human sources. Only when such sources failed, did the revelator resort to those records which are superhuman. When ideas and concepts of Jesus’ life and teachings had been acceptably expressed by a human mind, invariably preference was given to such apparently expressed by a human thought patterns. Although the revelator sought to adjust the verbal expression the better to conform to their concept of the real meaning and the true import of the Master’s life and teaching, as far as possible, the revelator adhered to the actual human concept and thought pattern in all narratives as presented; for the revelator well knows that those concepts which have had origin in the human mind will prove more acceptable and helpful to all other human minds. When unable to find the necessary concepts in the human records or in human experiences, the revelator next resorted to the memory resources of their own order of earth creatures, the midwayers. And when that secondary source of information proved inadequate, the midwayer unhesitatingly resorted to the super planetary sources of information (all of which detailed in the Urantia Book itself).

The memoranda collected, and from which the revelator midwayer prepared the narrative of the life and teachings of Jesus, – aside from the memory of the record of the Apostle Andrew, – embrace thought gems and superior concepts of Jesus’ teachings assembled from more than two thousand human beings who have lived on earth from the days of Jesus down to the (1935) time of the inditing of these revelations, more correctly restatements. The revelatory permission has been utilized only when the human record and human concepts failed to supply an adequate thought pattern. The revelatory commission forbade the revelatory midwayer to resort to extrahuman sources of either information or expression until such a time as the revelatory midwayer could testify that they had failed in their efforts to find the required conceptual expression in purely human sources.

While the revelator midwayer, with the collaboration of the eleven associate fellow midwayers so assigned, and under the supervision of the Melchizedek of record, portrayed the narrative in accordance with the revelator’s concept of its effective arrangement, and in response to the revelator’s choice of immediate expression, nevertheless, the majority of the ideas, and even some of the effective expressions which the revelator thus utilized, had their origin in the minds of the human beings of the many races who had lived on earth during the intervening generations, right on down to those who were still alive at the time of this undertaking. In many ways the revelator served more as a collector and editor than as an original narrator; unhesitatingly having appropriated those ideas and concepts, preferably human, which would so enable to create the most effective portraiture of Jesus’ life, and which would qualify the revelator to restate Jesus’ matchless teachings in the most strikingly helpful and universally uplifting phraseology. And in behalf of the Brotherhood of the United Midwayers of Urantia, the revelator most gratefully acknowledges their indebtedness to all sources of record and concept which had been hereinafter utilized in the further elaboration of their restatement of Jesus’ life on earth.

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