The True Meaning of Life

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1.  Man is a material fact of nature, but his life is a phenomenon which transcends the material levels of nature in that it exhibits the control attributes of mind and the creative qualities of spirit.

2.  Life in the Father’s eternal creation is not an endless rest of idleness and selfish ease but rather a ceaseless progression in grace, truth, and glory.

3.  Life is basically the response of personality to total creation, whereas service is the total essence of all life.

4.  Service is the means to the end of providing you the opportunity to seek, discover, and progressively attain the very Spirit expression of you.

5.  The rule governing all spiritual training is learn and teach; the better you learn the technique of willing yourself to respond to your sphere of total creation, as God perfectly responds to all, the better you can teach – in service to all – the wisdom of your Spiritual experiences.

6.  Provide service thus for the necessity for your Spirit expressions, the manifestations of your real and better self; not self-­expressions for the glorification of self.

7.  And remember, the more people you serve, the more God can service others through you; and the more you give, the more God will give through you too (obviously meaning, the more you will have too!).

8.  That individuals so differ in their life performances indicates, not only the varying endowments of heredity and the different influences of the environment, but also the degree of unification with the indwelling Spirit of the Father which has been achieved by self, the measure of the identification of the one with the other.

9.  The consciousness of a victorious human life on earth is born of that creature faith which dares to challenge each recurring episode of existence when confronted with the awful spectacle of human limitations, by the unfailing declaration: Even if I cannot do this, there lives in me my Father who can and will do it; and that’s “the victory which overcomes the world, even your faith.”

10. Therefore the meaning of life is its adaptability, and the value of life is its progressability – even to the heights of God-consciousness.

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