The Wings of Jesus — Directory

The Wisdom of Delay

The End of the Lucifer Rebellion

Joshua Ben Joseph (a.k.a. Jesus)

God is a Universal Spirit

Present Status of the Lucifer Rebellion

The Father’s Supreme Rule

The Paradise Creator Sons

The Bestowals of Christ Michael

The Spirit and the Flesh

The Creation of Local Universes

Immanual’s Further Counsel and Advice to Michael

The Incarnation of Michael – Making Two One

Outbreak of the Lucifer Rebellion

The Eternal and Divine Purpose

Local Universe Sovereignty

The Father’s Primacy

Michael’s Bestowal Limitations

The Eternal Isle of Paradise — The Center of Creation

Paradise is the Location of Our Eternal Home

The Spirit in Human Beings

Who Jesus Really Is!

The Paradise Trinity

The Mercy Time Lag Our World

History of the Lucifer Rebellion

The Rewards of Isolation

The Seventh Bestowal Commission

The Son of Man on Urantia

Nature of the Lucifer Conflict

The Lucifer Rebellion

The Universal Father

Matter, Mind, and Spirit Bestowers

Michael Now Reigns Supreme

The Time Lag of Justice

The Bestowal of Michael on Urantia

The Theft of Liberty

The Triumph of Love

Table of Contents – The Wings of Jesus; Who Jesus Really Is!

Paradise is the Location of Our Eternal Homes

The Eternal Son

Universe Organization

The Causes of the Lucifer Rebellion

The Lucifer Manifesto

Michael’s Seventh and Final Bestowal

Mortals of Time and Space

Erroneous Ideas of God

The Michael Bestowals

Michael’s Postbestowal Status

True and False Liberty

The Stages of Our Ascending Career

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