The Wisdom of Delay

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Of the many reasons known as to why Lucifer and his confederates were not sooner interned or adjudicated, the following were permitted recital to us:

  1. Mercy requires that every wrongdoer have sufficient time in which to formulate a deliberate and fully chosen attitude regarding his evil thoughts and sinful acts.
  2. Supreme justice is dominated by a Father’s love; therefore, will justice never destroy that which mercy can save. Time to accept salvation is vouchsafed every evildoer.
  3. No affectionate father is ever precipitate in visiting punishment upon an erring member of his family. Patience cannot function independently of time.
  4. Regardless of Michael’s attitude toward Lucifer, notwithstanding his being Lucifer’s Creator-father, it was not in the province of the Creator Son to exercise summary jurisdiction over the apostate System Sovereign because he had not then completed his bestowal career, thereby attaining unqualified sovereignty of Nebadon.
  5. The Ancients of Days could have immediately annihilated these rebels, but they seldom execute wrongdoers without a full In this instance they refused to overrule the Michael decisions.
  6. It is evident that Immanuel considered Michael to remain aloof from the rebels and allow rebellion to pursue a natural course of self-obliteration.

And the wisdom of the Union of Days is the time reflection of the united wisdom of the Paradise Trinity.

  1. The Paradise advisers, the Faithful of Days on Edentia, advised the Constellation Fathers to allow the rebels free course to the end that all sympathy for these evildoers should be the sooner uprooted in the hearts of every present and future citizen of Norlatiadek – every mortal, morontia, or spirit creature.
  2. On Jerusem the personal representative of the Supreme Executive of our 7th Superuniverse Orvonton, who function as the administrative coordinators of the post-central universe Havona creation, counseled Gabriel to foster full opportunity for every living creature to mature a deliberate choice in those matters involved in the Lucifer Declaration of Liberty. The issues of rebellion having been raised, the Paradise emergency adviser of Gabriel portrayed that, if such full and free opportunity were not given all Norlatiadek creatures, then would the Paradise quarantine of severing all interplanetary communications against all such possible halfhearted or doubt- stricken creatures be extended in self-protection against the entire constellation. To keep open the Paradise doors of ascension to the beings of Norlatiadek, it was necessary to provide for the full development of rebellion and to insure the complete determination of attitude on the part of all beings in any way concerned therewith.
  3. The Divine Minister of Salvington issued as her third independent proclamation a mandate directory that nothing be done to half cure, cowardly suppress, or otherwise hide the hideous visage of rebels and rebellion. The angelic hosts were directed to work for full disclosure and unlimited opportunity for sin-expression as the quickest technique of achieving the perfect and final cure of the plague of evil (error) and sin (the deliberate choice to error).
  4. An emergency council of ex-mortals consisting of Mighty Messengers, glorified mortals who had had personal experience with like situations, together with their colleagues was organized on Jerusem. They advised Gabriel that at least three times the number of beings would be led astray if arbitrary or summary methods of suppression were attempted. The entire Uversa corps of counselors concurred in advising Gabriel to permit the rebellion to take its full and natural course, even if it should require a million years to wind up the consequences.
  5. Time, even in a universe of time, is relative: if a Urantia mortal of average length of life should commit a crime which precipitated worldwide pandemonium, and if he were apprehended, tried, and executed within two or three days of the commission of the crime, would it seem a long time to you? And yet that would be nearer a comparison with the length of Lucifer’s life even if his adjudication, now begun, should not be completed for a hundred thousand Urantia years. The relative lapse of time from the viewpoint of Uversa, where the litigation is pending, could be indicated by saying that the crime of Lucifer was being brought to trial within two and a half seconds of its commission. And from the Paradise viewpoint, the adjudication is simultaneous with the enactment.

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