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      Moral consciousness is just a name applied to the human recognition and awareness of those ethical and emerging morontial values which duty demands that humans shall abide by in the day-by-day control and guidance of conduct. Morality has its origin in the reason of self-consciousness; it is superanimal but wholly evolutionary. Human evolution embraces in its unfolding all endowments antecedent to the bestowal of the Adjusters and to the pouring out of the Spirit of Truth. But the attainment of levels of morality does not deliver humans from the real struggles of mortal living.  The physical environment entails the battle for existence; the social surroundings necessitate ethical adjustments; the moral situations require the making of choices in the highest realms of reason; the spiritual experience (having realized God) demands that we find him and sincerely strive to be like him.

     Spiritual growth is also predicated on the discovery of selfhood accompanied by self-criticism – conscience, for conscience is really the criticism of oneself by one’s own value-habits, personal ideals.

     Faith-insight, or spiritual intuition, is the endowment of the cosmic mind in association with the Thought Adjuster, which is the Father’s gift to human beings. Spiritual reason, soul intelligence, is the endowment of the Holy Spirit, the Creative Spirit’s gift to human beings. Spiritual philosophy, the wisdom of spirit realities, is the endowment of the Spirit of Truth, the combined gift of the local universe Paradise bestowal Sons to the children of human beings. And the co-ordination and interassociation of these spirit endowments constitute mortals a spirit personality in potential destiny.

      It is this same spirit personality, in primitive and embryonic form, the Adjuster possession of which survives the natural death in the flesh. This composite entity of spirit origin in association with human experience is enabled to survive (in Adjuster custody) the dissolution of the material self of mind and matter when such a transient partnership of the material and the spiritual is divorced by the cessation of vital motion. Through religious faith the soul of humans reveals itself and demonstrates the potential divinity of its emerging nature by the characteristic manner in which it induces the mortal personality to react to certain trying intellectual and testing social situations. Genuine spiritual faith (true moral consciousness) is revealed in that it:

      1.  Causes ethics and morals to progress despite inherent and adverse animalistic tendencies.

      2.  Produces a sublime trust in the goodness of God even in the face of bitter disappointment and crushing defeat.

      3.  Generates profound courage and confidence despite natural adversity and physical calamity.

·     4.  Exhibits inexplicable poise and sustaining tranquility notwithstanding baffling diseases and even acute physical suffering.

      5.  Maintains a mysterious poise and composure of personality in the face of maltreatment and the rankest injustice.

      6.  Maintains a divine trust in ultimate victory in spite of the cruelties of seemingly blind fate and the apparent utter indifference of natural forces to human welfare.

    7. Persists in the unswerving belief in God despite all contrary demonstrations of logic and successfully withstands all other intellectual sophistries.

     8.  Continues to exhibit undaunted faith in the soul’s survival regardless of the deceptive teachings of false science and the persuasive delusions of unsound philosophy.

     9.  Lives and triumphs irrespective of the crushing overload of the complex and partial civilizations of modern times.

  10. Contributes to the continued survival of altruism in spite of human selfishness, social antagonisms, industrial greeds, and political maladjustments.

   11. Steadfastly adheres to a sublime belief in universe unity and divine guidance regardless of the perplexing presence of evil and sin.

   12.  Goes right on worshiping God in spite of anything and everything.

    It is by three phenomena that mortals may know that we have a divine spirit or spirits dwelling within us: first, by personal experience – religious faith; second, by revelation – personal and racial; and third, by the amazing exhibition of such extraordinary and unnatural reactions to the material environment as are illustrated by the foregoing recital of twelve spirit-like performances in the presence of the actual and trying situations of real human experience. And there are still others.

    And it is just such a vital and vigorous performance of faith in the domain of religion that entitles human beings to affirm the personal possession and spiritual reality of that crowning endowment of human nature, religious experience.

   Mortal humans’ moral nature would be impotent without the art of measurement, the discrimination embodied ‘in their ability to scrutinize meanings. Likewise, would moral choosing be futile without that cosmic insight which yields the consciousness of spiritual values.  From the standpoint of intelligence, human beings ascend to the level of a moral being because we are endowed with personality.

    Morality can never be advanced by law or by force.  It is a personal and freewill matter and must be disseminated by the contagion of the contact of morally fragrant persons with those who are less morally responsive, but who are also in some measure desirous of doing the Father’s will.

    Moral acts are those human performances which are characterized by the highest intelligence, directed by selective discrimination in the choice of superior ends as well as in the selection of moral means to attain these ends. Such conduct is virtuous. Supreme virtue, then, is wholeheartedly to choose to do the will of the Father in heaven.

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