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“Truth cannot be defined with words — only by living!”

Truth is always more than knowledge. Knowledge only pertains to things you can see, but truth transcends such purely material levels for it associates itself with wisdom (knowledge plus experience) and embraces such imponderables as human experience — even spiritual and other living realities.

Personally, discovered truth (revealed truth) is the supreme delight of the human soul: the joint creation of your material mind and its indwelling spirit. And the eternal salvation of your [right now] truth-knowing and beauty-loving soul is assured by your hunger and thirst for doing good — which leads to develop the singleness of purpose to do the Father’s will: to find Him and to become like Him!

There is never conflict between true knowledge and truth; although there may be conflict between knowledge and human beliefs; beliefs colored with prejudice, distorted by fear, and dominated by the dread of facing new facts of material discovery or spiritual progress.

But truth can never become our possession without an exercise of faith.  This is true because our thoughts, wisdom, ethics, and ideals will never rise higher than our faith — our sublime hope!

Faith is the inspiration of your spiritized creative imagination.  And all such faith is predicated on [your] profound reflection, sincere self-criticism, and uncompromising moral [being good] consciousness.

Faith acts to release the superhuman activities of the divine [spirit] spark — the immortal germ that [right now] lives within your present human mind, and which is the potential of the eternal survival of you!

Plants and animals survive in time by the technique of passing on from one generation to another — identical particles of themselves. But we survive mortal death by our [immortal] soul’s identity association with our indwelling spirit, and which functions to perpetuate our present human personality upon a continuing and higher level of progressive universe existence;

The concealed seed of our human soul is an immortal spirit [right now] indwelling our human mind. [After death] its second generation is the first of a succession of personality manifestations of spiritual and progressing existences — terminating only when it attains the source of its existence — God Himself, the personal source of all existence!

Human life continues — survives — because it has a universe function: the task of finding God!  Thus, your faith-activated soul cannot, and will not, stop short of the attainment of this [your] pre-destiny. And when it does once achieve this divine goal, it [you] can never end — because you [too] have become [eternal] like God!

Spiritual evolution is an experience of the increasing and voluntary choice of you doing good — attended by an equal and progressive decrease in the possibility of you doing evil. Such universe progress is characterized by increasing personality freedom because it is associated with the progressive attainment of higher and higher levels of [your] self-understanding and consequent voluntary self-restraint.

The attainment of perfection of spiritual self-restraint equals completeness of universe freedom — and thus the personal liberty of you.

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