Truth, Error (Evil), and Knowledge

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Knowledge is the sphere of the material or fact-discerning mind. Truth is the domain of the spiritually endowed intellect that is conscious of knowing God.

Knowledge is demonstrable; truth is experienced. Knowledge is a possession of the mind; truth an experience of the soul, the progressing self. Knowledge is a function of the non-spiritual level; truth is a phase of the mind-spirit level of the universes.

The eye of the material mind perceives a world of factual knowledge; the eye of the spiritualized intellect discerns a world of true values. These two views, synchronized and harmonized, reveal the world of reality, wherein wisdom interprets the phenomena of the universe in terms of progressive personal experience.

Error (evil) is the penalty of imperfection. The qualities of imperfection or facts of misadaptation are disclosed on the material level by critical observation and by scientific analysis; on the moral level, by human experience.

The presence of evil constitutes proof of the inaccuracies of mind and the immaturity of the evolving self. Evil is, therefore, also a measure of imperfection in universe interpretation. The possibility of making mistakes is inherent in the acquisition of wisdom, the scheme of progressing from the partial and temporal to the complete and eternal, from the relative and imperfect to the final and perfected.

Error is the shadow of relative incompleteness which must of necessity fall across man’s ascending universe path to Paradise perfection.

Error (evil) is not an actual universe quality; it is a relativity concept. It arises out of the observation of the imperfection which appear in the shadow cast by our finite universe of things and beings as it obscures the living light of the universal expression of the eternal realities of God.

Potential evil is inherent in the necessary incompleteness of revelation of God as a time-space- limited expression of infinity and eternity. The fact of the partial in the presence of the complete constitutes relativity of reality, creates necessity for intellectual choosing, and establishes value (importance) levels of spirit recognition and response. The incomplete and finite concept of God’s infinity which is held by our temporal and limited creature mind is, in and of itself, potential evil. But the augmenting error of unjustified deficiency in reasonable spiritual rectification of these originally inherent intellectual disharmonies and spiritual insufficiencies is equivalent to the realization of actual evil.

The finite shadow of relative and living truth is continually moving. Thus, all static, dead, concepts are potentially evil. And therefore, static concepts invariably retard science, politics, society, and religion. Static concepts may represent a certain knowledge, but they are deficient in wisdom and devoid in truth. But do not permit the concept of relativity so to mislead you that you fail to recognize the co-ordination of the universe under the guidance of, and its stabilized control by — God Himself!

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