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All forms of force-energy material, mindal, or spiritual are alike subject to those grasps, those universal presences, which is called gravity. Personality also is responsive to gravity to God, the Father’s exclusive personality circuit; but though this circuit is exclusive to the Father, he is not excluded from the other circuits material, mind, and spiritual. The Universal Father is infinite and acts over all four (total) absolute-gravity circuits in the total of all creation:

  1. The Personality Gravity
  2. The Spirit Gravity
  3. The Mind Gravity
  4. The Cosmic (matter-energy) Gravity.

Any and all things responding to the personality-gravity circuit, is called personal. Any and all things responding to the spirit-gravity circuit, is called spirit. Any and all that responds to the mind gravity circuit, is called mind. Any and all that responds to the cosmic (material) gravity circuit, centering in nether (lower) Paradise, is called matter-energy matter in all its metamorphic states. These four circuits are neither force, energy, nor power circuits. They are absolute presence circuits and like God are independent of time and space.

Much as the Father, the First Source and Center, draws all personality to himself, it is through his creator associates does he attract all spiritual reality, and exercise a drawing power on all mind; and through the lower Isle of Paradise, center all physical (energy-matter) material. Thus, it is the Second Source and Center, the Eternal Son (not to be confused with the Son of God, Jesus Christ), who operates directly upon the fundamental values of spirit existence, and the mind gravity of the Third Source and Center, the Infinite Spirit the Conjoint Actor unerringly clutches all vital meanings of intellectual existence.

And so, it is, as Paradise gravity grasps all the basic units of material existence, and is circuited in lower Paradise, as all mind is circuited in the Conjoint Actor, and all spirit in the Eternal Son, so is all personality circuited in the personal presence of the Universal Father, and this circuit unerringly transmits the worship of all personalities to the Original and Eternal Personality — God Himself.

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