Urantia Book Quotes

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URANTIA BOOK QUOTES     Page 1433: “The pride of unspiritualized learning is a treacherous thing in human experience. The true teacher maintains his intellectual integrity by ever remaining a learner.”       Page 1434: Life is an adaptation of self to the demands and possibili­ ties of universe situations, (and it comes into being by the action of the Universal Mind and the activation of the spirit spark of the God Who is spirit). Misadaptation of self-conscious life to the universe results in cosmic disharmony. Final divergence of personality will, from the trend of the universes, terminates in intellectual isolation, personality segregation. The meaning of life is its adaptability; the value of life is its progress – ability – even to the heights of God-conscious­ness.       Page 1435: Personality is that cosmic endowment, that phase of universal reality, which can coexist with unlimited change and at the same time retain its identity in the very presence of all such changes, and forever afterward.       Page 1436: “My son, everything must await the coming of its time. You are born into the world, but no amount of anxiety and no mani­ festation of impatience will help you to grow up. You must, in all such matters, wait upon time.  Time alone will ripen the green fruit upon the tree. Season follows season and sundown follows sunrise only with the passing of time. What I am now doing is sufficient for today. My tomorrow is wholly in the hands of my Father in heaven.”       Page 1439  (Discourse on Time and Space): “Time is the stream of flowing temporal events perceived by creature consciousness. Time is a name given to the succession­ arrangement whereby events are recognized and segregated. The universe of space is a time-related phenomenon as it is viewed from any interior position outside of Paradise.”       Page 1461: “Dare to do justice and be big enough to show mercy. Compel your lower nature to obey your higher nature as you obey your superiors. Revere goodness and exalt truth. Choose the  beautiful in place of the ugly. Love your fellows and reach out for God with a whole heart, for God is your Father in heaven.”       Page 1462: “Justice makes a nation great, and the greater a nation the more solicitous will it be to see that justice shall not befall even its most humble citizen. Woe upon any nation when only those who possess money and influence can secure ready justice before its courts! It is the sacred duty of a magistrate to acquit the innocent, as well as to punish the guilty. Upon the impartiality, fairness, and integrity of its courts, the endu­ rance of a nation depends. Civil government is founded on jus­ tice, even as true religion is founded on mercy.”       Page 1472: “There lives within every human mind a divine spirit, the gift of the Father in heaven. This good spirit ever strives to lead us to God, to help us to find God and to know God; but also within mortals there are many natural physical tendencies which the Creator put there to serve the well-being of the individual and the race. Now, oftentimes, men and women become confused in their efforts to understand themselves and to grapple with the manifold difficulties of making a living in a world so largely dominated by selfishness and sin. Not willfully wicked, for their faces tell that they have experienced much sorrow, they have suffered much at the hands of an apparently cruel fate; they have not intentionally chosen a distasteful sort of life; they have, in discouragement bordering on despair, surrendered to the pressure of the hour and accepted a distasteful means for obtaining a livelihood as the best way out a situation that to them appeared hopeless; notwithstanding that some people are really wicked at heart; they deliberately choose to mean things.       Page 1481: “Wisdom  is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom.  With all and will your quest for knowledge, get understanding. Exalt wisdom she will promote you. She will bring you to honor if you but embrace her.” (Saying of the Hebrew wise man.) “Whatsoever your hand finds to do, do that with all your might.”  (Quotation of a Hebrew proverb.)       Brotherly Love “No man is a stranger to one who knows God. In the experi­ ence of finding the Father in heaven, you discover that all men are your brothers, and does it seem strange that one should enjoy the exhilaration of meeting a newly discovered brother? To be­ come acquainted with one’s brothers and sisters, to know their problems and to learn to love them, is the supreme experience of living.”       Making Friends “Become interested in your fellows; learn how to love them  and watch for the opportunity to do something for them which you are sure they want done,” as the olden Jewish proverb — “A man  who would have friends, must show himself friendly.”         Page 1519: “Selfish satisfaction and sensuous gratification, alone, and of themselves, are not able to confer happiness upon evolving hu­ man beings. There are higher values in mortal existence – intel­ lectual mastery and spiritual achievement – which far transcend the necessary gratification of man’s purely physical appetites and urges. Man’s natural endowment of talent and ability should be chiefly devoted to the development and ennoblement of his higher powers of mind and spirit.”       Page 1521: “The great test of civilized man: to have power and stead­ fastly refuse to use it for purely selfish or personal purposes.”       Page 1539: “There is a great value in the direct and personal contact with people, for religion is purely and wholly a matter of  personal experience.”       Page 1642: “True and genuine inward certainty does not in the least fear outward analysis, nor does truth resent honest criticism. You should never forget that intolerance is the mask of covering up the entertainment of secret doubts as to the trueness of one’s belief. No man is at any time disturbed by his neighbor’s attitude when he has perfect confidence in the truth of that which he wholeheartedly believes. Courage is the confidence of thoroughgoing honesty about those things which one professes to believe. Sincere men are unafraid of the critical examination of their true convictions and noble ideals.” “Every earth child who follows the  leading  of  the  spirit (within them) shall  eventually  know  the will of God (to do what you truly love  to do), and he who surrenders to  the will of my Father shall abide forever. The way from the earth life to the eternal estate has not been made plain to  you, but there is a way, there  always  has  been: [to find  God, to know God, and to love Him as He (right now) loves you!]•”      Digiprove sealCopyright secured by Digiprove © 2021 Douglas Mayberry
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