Urantia Broadcast

Life After Death in a Nutshell

Life after Death Part I : Personality Survival

Life After Death – Part 2

Life After Death – Part 3

Life After Death Part 4


THE MAKING OF A SOUL[1] – Origin and Nature of Thought Adjusters – Paper 107

THE MAKING OF A SOUL [2]-Mission / Ministry of Thought Adjusters -Paper 108

THE MAKING OF A SOUL[3] – Relation of Thought Adjusters to Universe Creatures – Paper 109

THE MAKING OF A SOUL[4] – Relation of Thought Adjusters to Individual Mortals – Paper 110

THE MAKING OF A SOUL[5]- The Adjuster and the Soul-Paper 111


The Overcontrol of Evolution – The Urantia Book- Paper 65.


The Paradise Creator Sons: The Origin of Christ


The Inhabited Worlds – Paper 49 – The Urantia Book – [Alien / Extra Terrestrial Life forms revealed]

  The Life Carriers – The Urantia Book – Paper 36 ANGELS: Ministering Spirits of the Local Universe –  Paper 38 – The Urantia Book   The Life of Jesus; Bestowal  (1 of 3) The Life of Jesus, Bestowal (2 of 3) The LIfe of Jesus;  Bestowal (3 of 3)   The Garden of Eden: Paper 73 Part 1 The Garden of Eden:  Paper 73 Part 2   The Lucifer Rebellion – Planetary Rebellion (Earth) The Lucifer Rebellion Series: The Lucifer Rebellion  – Paper 53 – The Urantia Book The Lucifer Rebellion Part 2 – Problems with the Lucifer Rebellion Paper 54        

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