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1.  It is necessary for most mortals to devote themselves to the mastery of some vocation, but deplore all tendency toward overspecialization, toward becoming narrow-minded and circumscribed in life’s activities.

2. Call attention to the fact that any virtue, if carried to extremes, may become a vice; practice temperance and consistency proportionate adjustment of life problems.

3. Be warned against the dangers of the dullness of over-conservative mediocrity; that overmuch sympathy and pity may degenerate into serious emotional instability; that enthusiasm may drive on into fanaticism.

4. While it is true that many men and women must assiduously apply them­selves to some definite pursuit as a livelihood vocation, it is nevertheless wholly desirable that human beings should cultivate a wide range of cultural familiarity with life as it is lived one earth.

5. The purpose of all education should be to foster and further the supreme purpose of life, the development of a majestic and well-balanced personality; and truly educated persons are not satisfied with remaining in ignorance of the lives and doings of their fellows.

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