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1.  “Whatsoever your hands find to do, do that with all your might;” but in all that you do, become not one­-sided and overspecialized.

2.  Although you owe a duty to yourself to make the best of your life on earth, having thus sincerely exerted yourself, you should cheerfully accept your lot and exercise ingenuity in making the most of that which has fallen to your hands.

3.  For, much of man’s sorrow is born of disappointment of his ambitious and the wounding of his pride.

4.  Remember: To him who is God-knowing, there is no such thing as common labor or secular toil, for all such things have become sacred, and all such labor has become a service even to God the Father.

5.  “Judge not appearances;” “no man is a stranger to one who knows God;” never allow a change in your outward work to influence your allegiance to God.

6.  The career of a God-seeking human may prove to be a great success in the light of eternity, even though the whole temporal-life experience may appear as an overwhelming failure, provided each life failure yielded the culture of wisdom and spirit achievement.

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The Balance of Maturity

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