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1.  When the prayer seeks nothing for the one who prays nor anything for his fellows, then such attitudes of the soul tend to the levels of true worship.

2.  Worship is a personal communion with that which is divinely real, with that which is the very source of reality.

3.  The spirit of the Father speaks best to man when the human mind is in an attitude of true worship.

4.  Worship is effortless attention, true and ideal soul rest, a form of restful spiritual exertion.

5.  Work should alternate with play; religion should be balanced by humor; profound philosophy should be relieved by rhythmic poetry; the strain of living – the time tension of personality, should be relaxed by the restfulness of worship.

6.  Worship is the act of the child’s personal communion with the divine Father, the assumption of refreshing, creative, fraternal, and romantic attitudes by the human soul-spirit.

7.  Worship is the act of a part identifying itself with the whole; the finite with the Infinite; the child of God with God – it’s Father.

8.  Worship makes one increasingly like the being who is worshiped; worship is a transforming experience whereby the finite child gradually approaches and ultimately attains the presence of the infinite Father.

9.  Worship is the yardstick which measures the extent of the soul’s detachment from the material universe and it’s simultaneous and secure attachment to the spiritual realities of creation.

10. Worship is intended to anticipate the better life ahead and then to reflect these new spiritual significances back into the life which now is; man aspires by worship to be better and thereby eventually attains the best.

11. Worship is the technique to the One for the inspiration of service to the many; worship – contemplation of the spiritual, must alternate with service, contact with material reality.

12. When possible, worship God in the tabernacles of nature – e.g., amidst the trees and among the lowly creatures of the natural world; if not you should do your best to pro­vide houses of beauty, sanctuaries of appealing simplicity and artistic embellishment, so that the highest human emotions may be aroused in association with the intellectual approach to spiritual communion with God.

13. Truth, beauty, and holiness are powerful and effective aids to true worship; beauty is most religious when it is most simple and nature­-like.

14. The child should be introduced to worship in nature’s outdoors and later accompany their parents to public houses of religious assembly which are at least as materially attractive and artistically beautiful as the home in which he is daily domiciled.

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