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1.  Upon conception, simultaneously did the embryo of your human body, and its indwelt human mind, initiate the present human life of you!

2.  You are the ever-changing human consciousness of your present human mind; you are living intelligence,

3.  Upon birth, your first breath breathed, came your first divine gift to give a unique and personal expression to you – it was your present human personality; and its original and is uniquely known throughout almost an infinity of your potential eternal

4.  And the true meaning of life – is you learning to respond to you, and all other things and beings, as God would as you!

5.  Upon a normal human mind’s ability to choose – at the approximate age of 5 years, 10 months, and 4 days – came your second divine gift from God – the indwelling Spirit (right now) dwelling within your human mind – the pre-planned, pre-destined God­-identity, of all you were created to “Be”!

6.  And as you chose to “Be”, the God­ identity, God created you, to “Be,” so too does your immortal soul – the real you – evolve and determine your progressive immortality!

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Human Life on our World is an Unknown Experiment!

Self Mastery


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