The Soul is the Escape Vehicle of You!

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Your decision to accept Eternal life necessitates the evolution of a completely new creation (inherent in the personality of you) — your evolving immortal soul.

It is thus your soul that serves as the vehicle by which your present personality, and you too (if you so chose), are to be transferred from this — the present physical life of you!

Survival of human death comes only by establishing a potential transfer of the seat of identity (selfhood) from the transient life vehicle of your present material human body — to the more enduring and immortal nature of the evolving (supermaterial, subspiritual) immortal soul — and on beyond to those levels whereon the soul becomes infused with, and eventually attains the status of, spirit reality!

And this actual transfer from material association to immortal soul (morontia) identification is all affected by the persistence, sincerity, and steadfastness of the God-seeking decisions of you!

The material and mortal reality of your human “self’ transcend the temporal limitations of your present human body — attaining a new expression and a new identification — the “real you:” your evolving immortal soul!

During this, our physical life, our material self (the ego-entity of human identity) is dependent on the continuing function of our material mind and material human body. But selfhood of survival, that is selfhood that can transcend the experience of our impending mortal death — the immortal soul — is not!

The human personality is identified with mind and spirit, and is held together in functional relationship (by life itself) in a material human body. This functional relationship does not result in some combination of the qualities or attributes of mind and spirit, rather it results in an entirely new, unique and original, universe value of potentially eternal value.

Your material mind is thus the cosmic loom that carries the morontia fabrics on which your indwelling Spirit Being threads the (warp and woof) spirit patterns of a new universe character of enduring values and divine meanings — the real you!

The evolving immortal soul is really a morontia (supermaterial, subspiritual) phenomenon. And its potential is inherent in two universal urges of mind: the impulse of your present finite material mind to know God and to attain His divinity, and the impulse of God’s infinite absolute mind to know you and to attain the life-experiences of you living in His creation. Your evolving and immortal soul is thus denominated a “mid-mind,” for it exists in the realm between the material and the spiritual.

The evolving immortal soul is the joint offspring of a human mind dominated by a human will that craves to know God, working in liaison with the spiritual forces of the universe which are under the overcontrol of an actual fragment of God Himself — your indwelling Spirit Being.

So you and God are the real parents that birth the real you! YOU, the human consciousness of the present finite human mind you right now possess, are the human parent — its mother! The indwelling Spirit Being, the God-identity fragment of God-Himself [right now] indwelling as the very nucleus of that same mind, is the Divine parent — its Father! And this God-Child-the real you — is conscious!

Therefore, it’s the reaction of three, not two, that right now is causing the continuing evolution of the real you! It’s YOU, the indwelling Spirit Being, and the real you, the consciousness of the relationship of the indwelling Spirit Being evolving you to be, the pre-planned, eternal Spirit Being you are pre-destined to be — living throughout almost an infinity.

Simply said: as a caterpillar evolves to be a beautiful butterfly, so too are you right now evolving to be an eternal Spirit Being, pre-destined to live throughout almost an infinity of eternal living.

Succinctly expressed, as the divine leadings of your indwelling Spirit Being can lead you (the human consciousness of your present mortal and material self), to be the personality actualization of the indwelling God-fragment identity of you (or what you truly desire, and really love to do), the more progressively you become real, or identified with the emerging new creation inherent in your personality — the evolving immortal soul: the escape vehicle of you!

For, upon death, it is your evolving and immortal soul that is ejected from the electro-chemical mechanism of your present mortal and material human body; thereafter to be transported by your present loving [destiny guardian] angels, (through that long dark tunnel), to the (bright light) resurrection halls of the next life of you; where there, you will be awaken with awe, in your new angelic (morontial) immortal life form — soon to enjoy a 10 day visit with those who you once knew.

However, know: though your immortal soul is the escape vehicle to transfer you from this, your present seat of mortal identity, to that of your next life experience, it is only the eventual fusion of your [immortal] evolving soul, with your (eternal) indwelling Spirit Being, that gives Eternal life to you!

Such fusion depends upon the attainment of a final and complete attunement of the mortal will, inherent in the personality of you, with God’s infinite will — as it is resident in the indwelling Spirit Being of you. Thus, whereas faith is the fire to always ignite the indwelling Spirit Being to evolve the soul of you, it is only your soul’s progression that determines the Eternal life of you.

But to all who do succeed, while here on earth, remember, during physical life, such a fusion would instantly consume your material human body. And if any of us would observe such an awesome spectacle, only would we observe such a translating mortal — disappear, “in chariots of fire!”

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Human Life!

You are the Human Consciousness of Human Mind!


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