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Audio File   By the times of Jesus the Jews had arrived at a settled concept of their origin, history, and destiny. They had built up a rigid wall of separation between themselves and the [More]
PART II:  THE LOCAL UNIVERSE Urantia Book – Paper 32 (The Evolution of Local Universes) Urantia Book – Paper 33 (Administration of the Local Universe) Urantia Book – Paper 34 (The Local Universe Mother Spirit) [More]
So What is The True Meaning of Life? Click Title to Open File and the click “3 dot symbol” for Free File Download
FORWARD Urantia Book – Forward Urantia Book – Forward – Section 1 (Deity and Divinity) Urantia Book – Forward – Section 2 (God) Urantia Book – Forward – Section 3 (The First Source and Center) [More]
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