The Paradise Creator Sons

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Outside of the eternal and perfect central universe in the circle of eternity, God the Father functions in the evolving and perfecting universes of time and space, as creator, through the Creator Sons, His grandsons.

The Creator Sons are the makers and rulers of the local universes of time and space. These universe creators and sovereigns are of dual origin, embodying the characteristics of God the Father and God the Son.

In our 2nd Space Level Path, of a total of five in time and space, there are 700,000 local universes, organized into seven evolving superuniverses having 100,000 local universes comprising 10 million evolving inhabitable worlds each; all of which alternately revolve clockwise and counterclockwise around the one billion perfect worlds of the eternal central universe, where they themselves revolve as well around the Eternal Isle of Paradise — where God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit, each eternally reside.

In the vast work of organizing, evolving, and perfecting a local universe the high Creator Sons always enjoy the sustaining approval of the Universal Father. The relationship of the Creator Sons with their Paradise Father is touching and superlative. No doubt the profound affection of the Deity parents for their divine progeny is the wellspring of that beautiful and well-nigh divine love which even our mortal parents bear their children.

These primary Paradise Sons are personalized as Michaels. As they go forth from Paradise to found their universes, they are known as Creator Michaels. When settled in supreme authority, they are called Master Michaels. In our local universe of Nebadon the sovereign Creator Son is sometimes referred to as Christ Michael.

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